BMW M2 teasers have us on the edge of our seats

The smallest M car is about to drop. Are you ready?
The smallest M car is about to drop. Are you ready?

When BMW themselves drop a teaser, the whole car community goes berserk. The new BMW M240i gave us a small glimpse on what to expect from the BMW M2. What we do know however that BMW will dial it all the way to 11 (unless they give us a M2 CS which will dial things up to 22).

From the teaser images, we can see that it has wider haunches, prominent side sills, a rear wing on the trunk lid, gold multi spoke wheels, and the front is long and arches downwards.

Under the hood we’ll expect to find a version of the S58 twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. It reportedly has an output of 335 kW. With most sportscars having automatic transmissions, a manual transmission in the BMW M2 is still unclear at this time. With the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed coming in June, we have a sneaky suspicion that BMW will unveil it during the festival.

Here’s a video of the BMW M2 prototype being tested at the Nurburgring:

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